Born in Japan.
After the Diploma in music at the Ferris University in Yokohama Japan,
in 1993 she moves to Paris and studies at the Ecole Normale de Musique de Paris while teaching piano. Six years later returns to Japan and approaches with interest the world of photography.
In 2001 she moves to Venezia Italy and then to Bergamo where she actually lives and works.

< prize >
2001 selected at the competition by the International Photographers Association
in Kobe.
2004 First prize at the IVth Biennal National Competition of Visual Arts
in Santa maria di Sala, Venezia, Italy
2004 First prize at the Visual Arts competition EM‘arte in Livorno, Italy

<collective exhibitions >
2001 IPA Kobe Provincial Administration headquarters (Japan)
2002 “Orchestrazione n.10” Portogruaro Municipal Contemporary Art Gallery,
Venezia ( Italy)
2004 Ejea de los Caballeros Municipal Contemporary Arts Gallery, Saragozza, Spain
2004 “National Visual Arts Biennal IVth exhibition”, Santa Maria de Sala, Venezia
2004 “EM’arte international Visual Arts exhibition” Cecina, Livorno (Italy)
2007 “Vastagamma” Villa Garvani, Pordenone
2011 “5X5” 150th Annivesary The Foundation of Italy, Portogruaro Municipal
Contemporary Arts Gallery, Venezia (Italy)
2011 Photo Festival Onaeba Kansai, “Next Generation” by Ricoh photo gallery,
Tokyo (Japan)

2012 “20X20 orchestrazione n.22” municipale Contemporary Art Gallery Portogruaro, Venezia
2014 “Each Person” Gallery M84 Ginza, Tokyo (Japan)

2014 “The wind from Italy” collaboration exhibition for Nagami Ayako’s Pipe Organ Concert  Casa d’Angela Yokohama, Japan

< personal exhibitions >
2003 “Paris ; moods” Gallery Ai Portici Portogruaro Venezia, Italy
2004 “Poesia” Municipal Contemporary ArtGallery Portogruaro,Venezia, Italy
2005 “Visions” Municipal Gallery of Art, Livorno Italy
2010 “Sutra of the heart” Gallery Ai Portici Portogruaro Venezia, Italy
2010 “Fantasia” –Next Generation- Ricoh photo Gallery Ring Cube Ginza Tokyo, Japan
2013 “italia metafisica” Gallery M84 Ginza Tokyo, Japan

2015 “italia metafisica II” Gallery M84 Tokyo, Japan

2016 “Endless Fragments” Art Gallery M84 Tokyo, Japan

2016 “Kokontouzai” 255 Raw gallery Bergamo Italy

2017 “Sospiro” Gallery M84 Tokyo Japan

2017 “Kokontouzai” TokyoGrill in Brera Milano. Italy

2017 “Shisen-lo sguardo” Gallery Medievale Tower Colognola di Casazza Bergamo, Italy

2018 “ Flying over…” Ro’s Gallery Bergamo, Italy

2019 “Flying over…” Gallery PAB Portogruaro